Tony Konja, Elite Partner

Jim Gatt, Elite Partner

I wanted to give a heart felt testimonial on my involvement in Elite Success Partners and what it has meant to me both personally and professionally. As a founding member of Elite, I have watched this group develop from the very beginning. I have known Mark Mack even before he had a name for the group. Today the group is 200 Members strong and growing every month. I believe The key to its success is the quality of its members and marks ability to connect people together. Additionally, Elite has done an exceptional job in creating amazing experiences on a business and social level. This has created a unique platform for people to meet and develop profitable business Relationships. For me personally it has meant the world. Through Elite and mark, it goes way beyond business. Over the last several years, I have developed some amazing life long friendships. Through those friendships and new relationships, has turned into many new clients for my company. I’m truly thankful and humbled to be apart of such an amazing group of like minded business professionals that want to grow personally and professionally. Oh and the best part is we have a blast doing it!!!!

"I have been a member of the Elite Partners group for two months. I have a Social Media consulting company. I joined the group to expand my network. Mark Mack has introduced me to awesome fellow entrepreneurs were we will be able to cross network and share best practices. I've found this membership to be extremely beneficial for the growth of my business. I highly recommend this amazing group of people to any business owner looking to connect with like minded people."

Dion WalkerEntrepreneur

"I would like to offer a note to express some of my thoughts as we renew our membership to the Elite Success Group networking organization. Since we joined in 2014 and began participating in scheduled Elite events as well as outside meet and greet opportunities I quickly noticed how comfortable the atmosphere was. Generally speaking, the reputation of networking groups is to offer a somewhat structured and rigid outline built to encourage participation and referrals to everyone in the group. I believe that referrals should begin and end with a relationship that is fostered and built on trust. Only when trust is established can an effective referral take place delivering real value to the client trusting you for “your opinion”. Elite Success Group has delivered on my expectations by bring together a group of trust worthy professionals, many of which I have personally met. I have fostered and continue to grow my network of trusted resources through the help of your network, and look forward to continued participation in all of the Elite Success events."

Dan YoungV.P. Sales

"I joined elite Success Partners in the fall of 2014, having been dissatisfied with the constraints of the BNI networking model. Over the past several months, I have participated in several scheduled Elite events. I felt both comfortable and intellectually satisfied at these functions. These events were the complete opposite of the networking groups I have previously associated with; the structured and rigid formulas were non-existent. I believe that business relationships are fostered and built on trust and once established only then can an effective relationship be established. I believe that Elite offers me such an opportunity. And through this, I can continue to grow my network of business relationships."


"Maintaining a positive attitude and surrounding yourself with creative driven individuals with the same mind set is so important. Elite Success Partners has been my resource for just that. With each meeting, event or conference I attend, I don't just meet new business contacts but I developed relationships and friendships that truly become the tools to drive my business forward. Surrounding yourself with people that truly want to help each other is the difference between Elite and other groups I've been in. Elite members are sincere about wanting to help one another and that's what's different, that's why elite is the group so many of us choose."

Matt HicksWatermark Team

"I find that there is a lot of potential here for future connections and business. Over time this can turn out to be one of the best networking groups I have been involved with. We want to connect to high connected individuals; we want to be connected to the Presidents, CEO’s and the top professionals in their industry. Elite Success Partners has been beneficial for me and my company in making those introductions and to new opportunities."

Tony Konja, PresidentArtistic Outdoor Services