Better Results, Faster

Partners working together, actively seeking effective results

Elite Success Groups use activities to unlock expertise, ensure thorough discussion, and reach decisions that, ideally, are better than those any individual could have come up with alone.

The Success Groups are made up of 10 Partners that meet once a month at a location and time that the group chooses. Because these groups are smaller, this makes for a great opportunity to form long-lasting relationships.

The Success Groups are set up as an advisory board and are guided by an Elite Moderator. The Moderator guides the process so that groups can dramatically improve their outcomes and help lead their organizations to better results, faster.


Ensuring the Success of the Group

An Elite Moderator helps to guide the Success Group by designing a process to help the group achieve the desired outcome. It is the moderator’s job to ensure that a group is fully engaged and working effectively toward a defined result.

The moderator also ensures that session decisions, outcomes, action plans, and next steps are clearly identified and understood by all participants. In fulfilling this role, it is critical that the moderator function as a neutral party, even though he or she is actually a member of the team.

Elite Moderators fulfill many responsibilities and work effectively with the group leader and/or session sponsor before, during, and after sessions to organize a process to ensure success for the group.