Elite New Partner-Jamie Chiro

December 4, 2017 New Elite Partners

Elite New Member Profile
Name: Jamie Chiro

Title: CEO

Company Name:     YCP/Invigor8

Company Website: www.invigor8.social

Phone Number:  

Email: Address: amiechirio@youngproscorp.co

Brief Company History:

After spending about 6 years in the direct sales industry and creating marketing materials as well as marketing campaigns for the companies we were working with for free to increase our own personal sales, we decided to start our own digital marketing and consulting business in the beginning of 2017. In our careers in direct sales we helped create successful media companies, customer relationship management software’s, high level marketing videos, brand ambassador programs, and full social media marketing campaigns. We now have over 50 clients and we are working on finishing up a social media automation software

Overview of Services Offered :
Young Pros Corp or YPC has 3 aspects to it. 1) Invigor8 which is the digital marketing portion of our business that specializes in helping companies optimize their digital footprint with Instagram. 2) Our consulting agency allows us to sit down with business owners and set goals, discuss strategies, and create plans moving forward. 3) Lastly, our event coordination arm of our company called SynerG. We specialize in throwing conferences and high end parties. We have a 20+ year veteran in the event space on our team. We throw at least 2 professional development events per year with about 500-1000 in attendance.

 Personal Statement: I was blessed to be introduced to sales and entrepreneurship when I was 18 years old going to Michigan State University! At a young age, I experienced massive success in direct sales that allowed me to go full time, travel the world, and speak on stages in front of upwards of 10,000 people. I was at the peak of my career when that company shut down on us overnight. We lost everything. We had to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get back to work. Looking back, that was the best thing that ever happened to me. It humbled me, it taught me to diversify, and sparked my passion for traditional business! The worst feeing in the world is finding success and losing it. The best feeling in the world is finding success, losing it, and finding it again despite all the odds! I’m 24 now and would never trade my experience for the world. I am teachable, coachable, and always ready to learn!

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