Elite New Partner- Melissa Zebrowski

March 13, 2017 New Elite Partners

Elite New Partner Profile

Name: Melissa Zebrowski

Title: Chief Development Officer

Company Name: Monarch Wings-Hope Against Trafficking

Company Website: http://www.hopeagainsttrafficking.org/

Phone Number: 586.530.9040

Address: P.O. Box 431413 Pontiac, MI 48341-1914

Email: melissa@hopeagainsttrafficking.org

 Brief Company History

Monarch Wings-Hope Against Trafficking was established in 2013 based on the experiences of

the co-founders that brought human trafficking to a shocking reality, both globally, and at home in Michigan. After significant market research, it was clear: establish a longer-term, supportive residential program to equip female survivors of human trafficking to heal from their past.

Overview of Services Offered

Our unique 2-year program includes housing, education and restorative health and human services support for adult female survivors of sex and labor trafficking. It is modeled after and established program in Nashville, TN that has an 84% success rate in restoring these women’s lives and moving them to independence.

The program objectives include:


  • Respond to the physical, emotional and psychological trauma-induced needs
  • Provide assistance to help stabilize their lives after trafficking through free housing, counseling, support systems, temporary workshops and employment opportunities
  • Move survivors towards financial independence through education, job skill development, life skills coaching, goal setting, budget development, and a savings program
  • Educate survivors of their legal rights within the criminal justice system through advocacy, referrals and accompaniment to relevant services
  • Create awareness and training in the surrounding communities to inform the public about how to identify trafficking victims and how they can best support the survivor’s spectrum of needs as volunteers
  • Develop and support an advocacy platform at the local and national levels reflecting the challenges and best practices in combating female human trafficking, which is supported by solid evidence-based data

Personal Statement

With over 10 years of experience in both the pharmaceutical and international health sectors, my current role as Chief Development Officer at Monarch Wings-Hope Against Trafficking (MW-HAT) has strengthened my understanding of vulnerable populations and unmet needs. These work experiences have been underpinned by a strong understanding for the need of increasing awareness to provide strategic solutions, whether within the public or private sector, that allow for the identification of opportunities and growth.

Currently, my role at MW-HAT has embraced all of these aspects. By developing partnerships, we are working to increase awareness and find various ways that will contribute to end human trafficking. I am excited to be part of this movement that has begun in Detroit and will continue to endeavor in strengthening our organization to ensure that these survivors can begin to rewrite the stories of their lives.

Links to Social Media Profiles

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/melissa-zebrowski-50baa81/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hatmichigan


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