Elite Partner Testimonials

April 19, 2018 Elite News

Terry Judge- An Elite Founding Partner

I wanted to give a heart felt testimonial on my involvement in elite success partners and what it has meant to me both personally and professionally.  As a founding member of elite, I have watched this group develop from the very beginning.  I have known mark Mack even before he had a name for the group. Today the group is 200 Members strong and growing every month.  I believe The key to its success is the quality of its members and marks ability to connect people together.  Additionally, Elite has done an exceptional job in creating amazing experiences on a business and social level.  This has created a unique platform for people to meet and develop profitable business Relationships.  For me personally it has meant the world.  Through Elite and mark, it goes way beyond business.over the last several years, I have developed some amazing life long friendships.  Through those friendships and new relationships, has turned into many new clients for my company.  I’m truly thankful and humbled to be apart of such an amazing group of like minded business professionals that want to grow personally and professionally.  Oh and the best part is we have a blast doing it!!!!

Daryn Lawson-An Elite Founding Partner

I’d like to Thank Mark Mack for connecting Jim to me. I was in the middle of another job search for my next company.  Since re-careering out of Golf about seven years ago I have been selling business technology equipment and software. Being a builder of business and previous Franchise owner, I really had hopes of landing in a company that would use my skills and passion for sales, marketing and building a market.  Mark and I talk often and he knew what I was looking for and came across this opportunity with The PRA Group with Jim at lunch.  He immediately called me and introduced Jim to me over the phone. Later that day Jim called me and we chatted for over an hour getting to know one another.  I agreed to meet and see what his company was all about and to understand what he was looking for that would help his company.  He was very open to what his growth plans and his long-term initiatives.  I became really excited for the possibilities with where this could take me for the rest of my working life.  During the meeting I also met with his wife Pam.  The three of of had very synergistic views and experiences that we shared together.   We all thought it would be a great fit to have me join The PRA Group.  A few days later Jim and I agreed that I would join his company for the long-term.  This would never have happened without being in Elite Success Partners.   Thanks again to Mark and Jim!

Jim Petitpren- Elite Partner

As a recent network member I wanted to spend some time getting to know Mark Mack so we did lunch, and he was able to tell me his life story…that was fun!   Anyway, I asked him to keep an eye out for some local talent to help with some strategic objectives.  His brain started to tumble and in about 5 minutes he called Daryn Lawson and handed me the phone.  Long story short…7 days Daryn joined our team to assist with our growth plans.  Very excited to have him on board!


I have belonged to 4 other networks over my career and am very excited to be part of Elite Success Partners, its unique approach to focus a higher percentage of the face time on social events is a much better approach than the more “conventional” professional networks packed with meetings, professional speakers and coaches.   His methodology works very well with busy professionals it is energizing and fun.  This is an amazing group of folks Mark has put together…GREAT JOB!!!!




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