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April 13, 2016 Elite News, New Elite Partners

Elite New Member Profile

Name: John Lankford

Title: CEO

Company Name: Premier Executive Forums

Company Website:

Phone Number: 888 730-1950


Address: 107 S. Main Street Plymouth, Michigan 48170

Brief Company History: Premier Executive Forums was launched in 2006 after John left 7 years running the corporate leadership development for two healthcare systems. John became certified as a business advisor and was selected as the 2007-2010 #1 Business Advisor in North America. Prior to his healthcare experience, John spent 18 years at Ford Motor Company developing the top 2000 leaders world-wide. John has owned a franchise and has facilitated more than two dozen mergers of cultures.

Overview of Services Offered: John Lankford is passionate about development, performance and results. An expert at executive coaching and developing leadership talent, his fun and lively approach motivates others to embrace development and new ideas. To ensure each executive owns the development effort, John emphasizes alignment, individual planning and accountability for achieving clearly defined goals and dreams.

With more than 25 years’ experience developing leaders across a wide array of diverse industries, John offers strong proof of performance. Before becoming a Master Certified Business Advisor and a Certified Executive Coach, he was responsible for leadership development as an executive at three Fortune 500 companies: Ford Motor Company, Comcast and Ascension Health. He has also been a presenter at the Disney Institute, the Worldwide Conference on Work Teams and the International Conference for Performance Improvement, to name a few. He has also served as adjunct professor at two colleges and has been an instructor of new Executive Coaches world-wide.

Personal Statement

I value collaboration, hard work and building relationships. My extensive volunteer work will tell you I love helping people dream and strive to be their best. For 30 years my training and coaching has allowed me to enjoy developing people and creating great businesses that put thousands of people to work with careers, that keep American’s working.



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