Jim M. Jung is currently the President & Chief Marketing Officer of My Interactive Vision, LLC. My Interactive Vision is an out-of-home media company delivering LIVE CONTENT to Internet connected devices. Jim is a joint owner of a unique Interactive Internet technology. In addition, Jim serves as the voluntary Chief Executive Officer of the Interstate Traveler Company (the Hydrogen Super Highway project) that is positioned to bring new Green Technology jobs including Engineering, Skilled Labor and more to MICHIGAN. Mr. Jung also frequently provides consulting services in conjunction with Recon Management Group, whereby he specializes in providing services concentrated in the educational space with an emphasis on Charter Schools. Mr. Jung has worked in conjunction with the Global Supplier Lead for Ford Motor Company to assist Ford Motor Company Suppliers to move from a proprietary connectivity network to the public Internet with proper security protocols, providing significantly lower costs and savings for suppliers. Prior to that, Jim was Co-Founder of Big Net Holdings, Inc, (an Internet Service Provider) where he led revenue growth from $300,000 to over $54 Million in 4 years. Big Net provided over 38,000 computers to Daimler Chrysler-UAW employees, as well as high speed Internet connectivity (eDSL Program) to Ford Motor Company and Daimler Chrysler employees. The company also created the Microsoft E-Commerce Store in 1999 along with the Chase Collection and Atkins Nutritional E-Commerce Stores. Also, Mr. Jung negotiated one of only three Nationwide Agreements with AOL/Time Warner for high speed Internet access. Prior to, he was President of MetroCell, which grew from 7,200 active subscribers to over 180,000 in the 1990s. The company became the largest per capita market share dealer/distributor of cellular phones in the United States and received many top industry awards including (most importantly) superior customer service. At MetroCell Mr. Jung acquired a security device and monitoring company that served the home, business and vehicle tracking market. That company became the second largest installer of home security in Michigan on a monthly run rate basis in just over 2 years. The company was sold to Guardian Alarm and the proceeds were used in the launch of Big Net. Both MetroCell and Big Net were leaders with organized labor workforces and further worked closely with various skilled labor groups including the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Prior to, Mr. Jung was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Metro 25 Tire Centers leading that group to become the largest Independent Tire Dealer Group in North America in a short period of time. Prior to, Jim served as National Sales Manager-Uniroyal Tire Company-Private Brand Wholesale Division where he was the impetus in the delNat Tire Corporation merger. delNat was later featured on the Discovery Channel’s-Champions of Industry television program as the largest privately owned distributor of tires in the world. Prior to, he was District Manager for the Fram Corporation where he led the Detroit District from 42nd largest in the U.S. to 5th largest in less than 4 years.

He was raised as a small town kid and the product of entrepreneurial parents. A demanding father and a mother who fled Germany at 7 years old (and never completed the 7th grade) yet ran the entire bookkeeping and banking for the family’s Automotive Parts Jobber business.