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September 18, 2017 New Elite Partners

Elite New Partner Profile

Name:   Todd Bartlett

Title: Managing Member

Company Name: Navigator Corporate Advisors, LLC                                                              

Company Website:

Phone Number:  248-914-4147                                              


 Brief Company History:

I tell people I did not choose to be a consultant. Rather events opened up the opportunity for me. I was working in a company which had private placements. The company had the problem of growing too fast, and the investors did not want to keep pouring money instead of getting a return. The situation became very difficult, and reporting for me became very complex while working with the bank, investors and the SEC attorneys. During this time, both the attorneys and the bankers started asking me to help some of their other clients who were going through a challenging period. They started asking me to bill them so they could request more work out of me.   I learned that people needed my skill set, and that companies big and small needed support in times of change.

Mission Statement:

Navigator Corporate Advisors is founded on the principles of success from the ground up.  We work to improve where the core of the business and profits are driven.  To do this we need to roll up our sleeves and understand your business.  Success needs to be driven at a level where the workers can execute the plan. Your product or services are delivered efficiently with high customer satisfaction to drive profits to the bottom line.

About Todd Bartlett:

Todd Bartlett has more than 25 years of business experience with over 18 years as a director/officer an outstanding record in strategic/business planning, increasing operating profits, internal controls and SEC compliance. He has a strong background in mergers/acquisition, corporate turn-around, auditing, and fraud investigation. In addition, he has success managing in bankruptcy and leading to a successful exit from chapter 11. Mr. Bartlett received his BA in economics from the University of Michigan, his MBA in Finance from the University of Detroit and has his CPA.  He has a continuous record of delivering profits to the bottom line while improving performance of the company.  His method of increasing profits is by increasing performance and efficiency not just a cost reduction campaign.  As a result, his projects build sustained profits for the long term.

 Overview of Services Offered

Maximizing Operating Profits

For Navigator Corporate Advisors, Strategic Planning – Business Modeling – Budgets – Action items and Targets – KPI – Diagnostic Analysis is one complete process.  We do not generate a strategic plan without understanding how it is going to be implemented and executed.  Without the process it is just a data file.

Turn Around consulting

​To turn a company losing money into a profitable one takes energy to understand the core business and properly identify causal factors in the business losses.  Similar to the strategic planning, but with more specific targeted solutions.  In addition, the focus turns to cash flow, collateral, profits in that order.  We have experience working with troubled companies and know how to guide your company through this process.


​Sometimes bankruptcy is your best option.  Bankruptcy is a unique process in which you need good bankruptcy advice.  We work with the attorneys and your business to guide you through the process. We have successfully worked with companies in chapter 11 and brought them out of bankruptcy to continue as a business.

Interim CFO services – SEC compliance – Bank Covenants – Investor Relations

​Whether it is working with your bank or compliance with the SEC, small to mid-size companies often have complex changes in their business without the experience on staff to guide them.   We have years of experience operating within a company as a CFO to spearhead the company during challenging times.

Internal Audit

​Navigator Corporate Advisors believe internal Audit is about building a stronger company and improving processes to prevent errors and problems. We use a team approach and work with the entities we audit.  We are there to help them improve, not catch what they did wrong.  This is a positive approach that builds team work and prevents future problems.  It promotes a learning environment and employees coming forward with their concerns.  We do not police, we improve.

Internal Controls – SEC Compliance – Protecting Company Assets – Forensic and Fraud Investigations

Internal Audit is for improving processes and preventing errors, Internal Control is for assurance against errors.  Forensic is for catching errors and worse, wrong doing.  It is critical to protect the company.  Whether it is fraudulent behavior or a comment on your SEC audit, you need to protect the company from damage.

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