Name: Stuart Dorf, JD
Title: Senior Vice President of Business Development
Company Name: Globe Midwest Adjusters International 
Company Website:
Phone Number: (248) 915-0399

Brief Company History:

Globe Midwest Adjusters International (“Globe Midwest”) is Michigan’s oldest and largest public adjustment firm. Founded in 1924, Globe Midwest has settled over 15,000 property and business interruption claims in excess of $2 Billion Dollars. Globe is proud to be a fourth generation Michigan family business located in Southfield, Michigan. We help property owners and business owners in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, and throughout the Midwest.

Overview of Services Offered:

As licensed public adjusters, our job is to exclusively represent property owners (commercial and residential) and business owners who have to make an insurance claim after their property or operating business has been significantly damaged or destroyed by a fire, water, or other unanticipated natural event.

We work for the policyholder, never the insurance company. We have the special training and expertise to interpret the intricacies of commercial insurance policies, evaluate and document the full scope of your property damage and business interruption losses, and negotiate a claim to maximize and expedite your financial recovery. Instead of reacting to your current situation, we take control of it, approaching it from a point of experience and advocacy. We become fluent in your insurance coverage and work closely with you in developing a claim strategy to efficiently manage your claim and expedite the process to get you the funds you need to recover. It’s what makes us unmatched in the public adjustment industry.

Personal Statement:

Originally from Chicago, I have been living in Michigan for 14 incredible years. As an attorney and public adjuster, I have a passion for ensuring people are treated fairly, that they are transacting on a “level playing field”. As a public adjuster, I have the privilege to represent my clients and help them get back on their feet after experiencing some of their darkest days (both personally and/or professionally).

An entrepreneur and marketer by heart, I have co-founded several companies including and I earned a law degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Chicago-Kent College of Law and a bachelor of arts degree from Tulane University.

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